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Doelings and wether for sale,CA. take two.Pedigrees added

Ok Let me try this again.I have 3 doelings  and 1 wether.These guys are 8 and 9 weeks old .They are being dam raised and are some fat and happy kids.It is time for them to be launched out into the big wide world.Here are the particulars:

     Spot and Spotless(2 white and gold doelings) are from:

    Sire:*B Old Mountain Farm Triumph Tulip *S

       Sire's Sire:NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff*S

       Sire's Dam:1*M Old Mountain Farm Tulip *D 'VG' AR2103

  Dam:Aura CJ Pirouette

      Dam's Sire:Dill Pickles Court Jester

      Dam's Dam:Sunrise Farm Dance Magic Dance


   Matilda and Buckwheat(brown buckskin with white Doeling and frosted grey with some small brown moonspots wether)are from:

Sire:*B Old Mountain Farm Triumph Tulip *S

       Sire's Sire:NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff*S

       Sire's Dam:1*M Old Mountain Farm Tulip *D 'VG' AR2103

Dam:Aura CJ Rue d'Lille

    Dam's Sire:Dill Pickles Court Jester

     Dam's Dam:Rim Ridge Ranch Paris


I still can't figure out how to ad one more picture (of the wether)

    If interested please contact me.Thank you.

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Those look like pretty good pedigrees :-)  I am on some Facebook forums; I'll take this link over and maybe someone in your area will be looking.


I can do the same on my website if you want.  Where are you located and I will put something in my blog about your goats.  Do you have a contact number they can call?


You can look at the blog post at  Hope someone responds!!  Thanks Jordana for the idea of helping others out!! Love it :0)

Awesome, Janel! We gotta help each other out, it's the only way all us small backyard farmers can take over the world of food :-)

Hey thanks to you all

  I am on the Eastern edge of California,near Bishop.I would love to get the word out.I haven't had too much interest in my area.My contact number is 760-938-9105.Since I only have one pen ,my newest strategy is to make another pen somewhere so I can at least separate kids from moms.thanks again

Just an update

    these kids are still for sale.They are of course ,a week older now.I did find a pen and separated them for 5 days but now have to move them thinking of dividing my existing pen and bringing them home to reside next to their moms.Seems like going backwards but it is my only option.thanks again

Did you sell your doelings?  

Oh Heidi, I was thinking of you when I saw this post! I started researching what I know about the pedigree. I have some distant relatives. I can tell you that if you want to google Prairie Wood Ranch Nigerians, click on the herdsires page you will find pictures there of that one on the pedigree named Promisedland Hotstuff I own one of his daughters and a great nephew (I think that's right)(My bucks daddys momma had the same daddy) Whatever, anyway, I don't know all of the names but I am familiar with some of the farms and they would be good for you to check out and study. Could possibly be what you are hunting.         My best to both of you.                                                                                    Hope you find them a home soon they are too cute!


Yes I did finally sell these kids.Sorry for not putting up a sold notice.I have bred my two moms again(pretty sure at this point) and will be kidding in Sept.I had a different buck this time.I know I will be looking for homes then.

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