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Hi...  I'm getting ready to disbud female kid. she is 13 days old.  My previous disbudding has always left small scurs. This time I want to make sure.   I've been waiting for the "prick" to feel on the top but it's almost but not quite there. Do I have to feel the round first and wait for the obvious prick to start? 

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Do you have the pygmy tip? If so, that's the problem. It's not big enough. 

Do you turn the disbudding iron sideways so that you can burn the middle of the horn bud? 

If this kid does NOT have a polled parent, there is no reason to wait any particular length of time before disbudding. As long as you know where the horn bud is, you can do it. By 13 days I'd assume it's pretty obvious where you need to burn. 

If one of the parents is polled, then yes, absolutely wait until you feel something pointy before disbudding. 

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