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I have a 2 month old wether that I just brought home Saturday. He has been having diarrhea since then. I got some anti-diarrheal medicine at Tractor Supply yesterday and have been giving it to him since last evening. I think he may be a little better but is still very loose. I called the vet and am going to try to take in a sample - it has just been hard to collect one since there is not a solid sample and not a lot at one time.  He doesn't have a fever and acts like he is feeling fine. He was banded 2 weeks ago and has not lost his testicals - could this be a factor? Any suggestions?

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It sounds like it may be coccidiosis. I would treat for cocci first. Treating with anti-diarrhea medicine is really only treating a symptom, not the problem.

Sorry, posted the wrong link. This is what I meant to post:

What do you mean "anti-diarrhea" medicine? What's the name of it? What dosage?

Do you have other goats? Is he alone?

The medicine is a Kaolin Pectin Suspension. I have been giving him 2 teaspoons per dose. He is about 20 pounds. We brought home a doeling with him from the same farm. She is just fine.

Paula, how long was the trip?

About 3 hours

What is he eating, btw?

Sweet feed in the morning and hay in the evening. We bought a bag of sweet feed from the farm where we got him so he has not changed diet except some new browsing.

How much sweet feed? He doesn't need more than about 1/4 cup twice a day. More will cause diarrhea.

As Rachel said, treating diarrhea is only treating a symptom. In most kids his age, coccidiosis is the culprit, but too much grain will also do it.

Thank you everyone for your input. Made a trip to the vet yesterday and it is coccidiosis - now on treatment for both little ones. I am learning about drenching - fun!  Also, it was a fantastic vet visit. The same practice I have taken my dogs to for 15+ years but the only opening was with a new vet. Come to find out she is not a new vet - only new to this practice. She grew up here but has been in Florida for several years. And she is a goat person! She spent about an hour with me, loved my goat, showed me coccidiosis under the microscope, wants me to meet her favorite goat (she has several)when he is moved here, etc, etc. An exciting turn of events!

Wow! That's awesome! About the vet -- NOT the coccidiosis! :)

OHH! That is so exciting! Even the cocci is too, Deborah!  Cause it is a dianosis and it's fixable! And it could be looked at as a blessing in disquise! Now you have found you a got vet for emergencies and I am sure your babies will be just fine. I am so happy to know that now you can get this all fixed up and sounds like you may have more than anew vet. Sounds like you may have a new friend! Yippee! Let us know how things are going!

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