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I've been feeding my lactating does DuMor Sweet Feed for a couple of years. I add BOSS and top dress it with kelp. Quite often, the does will leave behind the pelleted part of the feed. Umbarger makes a dairy goat feed and doesn't really have pelleted material in it. I have attached images of the nutritional analysis. If someone could critique the Umbarger feed for me, that'd be great. I've got a couple bags that I'll mix in with the DuMor stuff, and want to know if it's worth transitioning over to it. Thanks as always!!

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It has about half as much copper as the Dumor Sweet Feed for goats, which is not good. 

Second, it has fish meal in it.  Goats are vegetarians. Rumens are not made to digest animal products. I personally would not trust a company that makes a product for goats that contains animal protein. Ruminants don't eat dead animals. That's a super simple concept, and if they don't "get" that, then I'd wonder what else they don't get. 

Thanks as always Deborah :)

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