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I recently lost a goat and was shocked by the necropsy findings so I have some questions. This particular goat has had issues with parasites a lot over his two years of life. When he started having diarrhea I went ahead and wormed him and treated for coccidia because I happened to have a kid at the time with it and I thought maybe he may have it too. I expected things to firm up by the next day but they didn't. I finished his course of safeguard (day 3) and he still had diarrhea. He was not wanting to walk around or eat much and he eventually lied down and struggled to stand again. He was also very pale in his eyelids and so I gave him a copper bolus. I only gave him the kid dose of 2g. However he deteriorated quickly and died that night. I assumed that it was a parasite issue due to his history. However I decided to do a necropsy and a mineral panel to gain info on parasites and mineral levels for my other goats. I was shocked that she determined the cause of death was copper toxicity. His liver copper level was 459! Is it possible that it was just because I had just given it to him? I have other goats with obvious signs of copper deficiency and he had clear signs of barber pole worms and was found to have barber pole worms in his system in high amounts. I just do not understand. 

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Thank you! Yes I’ve made a lot of changes even in just the last couple of months and that includes a lot longer quarantines. I appreciate your input and info and as always if I gain any new information from these girls or have any updates I’ll let everyone know. 

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