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I'm trying to decide what I would describe my buckling's coloring as... he is mostly a reddish roan/ brown, with white markings, and the black markings that a chamoise would have -black underbelly, legs, and dorsal stripe. I would call him a broken buckskin, but he looks to red roan in my opinion (of course, I'm a newbie so my opinion doesn't count for much LOL). In the pictures he looks a little more brown. What would you (any of you) describe his coloring as?

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Sorry... meant to put this in a different category!

The goat standing is a broken chamoisee (or maybe chamoise, because they spell it differently if it's a buck or doe). On his papers I'd write ... broken roan chamoisee with frosted ears and muzzle and broken belt. 

A buckskin has a black cape over his shoulders. The one laying down is a buckskin.  

Thanks! I was 90% sure that he was some form of chamoise... just wanted to make sure. I was pretty sure he wasn't a buckskin, because I knew they usually have a black cape. 

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