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We are picking up our goats next week and to help facilitate moving them around our property we are looking at using leads.  So a bit of a odd question maybe but if buying a dog collar (with of course the break away clip) to use on a Nigerian dwarf goat, what size do you think would fit?  I guess the better question is what is the average neck size of  a doe and a buck?  (BTW at this point the goats will be about 6 months old when we pick them up).

Thank you for any help you can offer on this question.

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It's been so long since I bought these, I don't remember what size it was. I usually buy the plastic break-away collars from Caprine Supply. They now sell a long chain with end links for attaching, and you can cut the collars whatever size you want. Hoof trimmers cut the plastic links just fine. And I do find quite a few of them hanging on tree branches, fences, etc.

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