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We moved from California to Virginia a couple of months ago. This will be our first truly cold winter with our goats. At what temps do I need to worry about the adults needing extra heat? I’ve purposely scheduled next years kidding to start in spring so that I can get a feel for winter before having kids born. What do you guys do for adults though through the winter? Coats? Heaters? Extra straw? And how cold is anything extra needed. Thanks!

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In Virginia ... cold is NOT a problem. Goats grow a thick coat of cashmere to keep them warm all winter. Our adults have been fine down to 25 below zero! In fact, we had 36 hours straight a couple years ago where the temp never got above 15 below zero -- yes, Fahrenheit. No coats. No heat lamps. 

We've even had goats give birth below zero, although I really hate that and now breed goats for later kiddings. 

Here is more info on goats in winter:

And if you do ever wind up with an accidental breeding that will result in winter kidding, here is more info on that:

Haha ok thanks! That’s good to know. I wasn’t sure if the 20s would be a problem but I guess if they can handle -20 they’ll survive! 

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