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Now that the Chaffahaye product has been around for a few years I am wondering how it is working for everybody and how you are using it. Does it make a good hay replacement? Is it better than hay for our goats?

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I use this product mixed in with our doe's grain at milking time, mainly to make her take a little longer to eat so I have a little longer to milk. It's just a large handful twice a day, so I don't consider it a hay replacement. There's conflicting opinion on whether it's good to use, but I just think it's handy for milking time.

We bought a semi-load of it in 2012 when we had a drought and had no hay available anywhere near us. We fed it and hay pellets to our goats. My main concern was how fast my kids were growing that summer. It is higher protein than regular alfalfa. I had one doe that did go overheight and a couple more that were right at the limit. Too much protein is not good for the kidneys either, but no one seems to have any long term issues. If it was sold in my area, I'd probably still buy it and mix it into the grain on the milk stand like Naomi, because I think goats do best on a diet of varied foods -- but for that same reason, I wouldn't want to replace hay with entirely. Even though people do well with fermented foods, goats don't need them because they have a rumen. Since they don't eat fermented foods in nature, I don't think anyone could say how they'd do without multi-generations of research.

(Humans have been eating fermented foods for thousands of years and we really need them for proper digestion of things like grains that are hard for us to digest.)

I just bought a bag without research.  I'm disappointed you have to feed it out so quickly.  I won't buy it again I don't think.  I only have 6 goats.  They eat orchard grass for the bulk of their feed.

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