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We are having an annual family picnic with 40 people on Saturday. A highlight of the day is the water balloon toss. The group has grown and I don't have time to fill all of those balloons. I'm planning an egg toss instead, with grocery store chicken eggs. Can goats eat raw eggs? May I have our two pet goats out with us? In the past, I would secure them, and then scour the area for plastic balloon pieces before letting Iris and Georgia back in. Will they be harmed by egg shells? Should I pick the shells all up and hose the egg splatterings down before letting the goatie girls back into the area? I'd like to have them with us - family members should all be present! A very serious question, indeed! :) Thanks.

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Sounds like a great time!  In my experience goats wont touch the eggs. I know this because sometimes the chickens will lay eggs in the goat pen and they totally ignore them. I'm not sure about broken egg shells but I cant see how it could hurt them if they did take a nibble.

I doubt they will really be interested but quite frankly I can not imagine them hurting them even if they decided they wanted to eat them. I could be wrong but if it were me I would let my goats join all the fun with no worries with all the balloons gone. Those darn balloons must surely rank number 1 in the "FUN FOR... BUT DANGEROUS TO" category!  

I would *never* give goats access to raw eggs, nor would I use them in any sort of contest, *especially* store eggs. 

Read:  Salmonella.

This would be especially bad if a milk goat were to eat anything that was contaminated.

Remember the bad eggs just last year, the bad eggs that were not publicized until months after they first knew of it?

Thanks so much for your thoughts and insights regarding the eggs. It turned out to be a moot point - it rained. We held most of the gathering inside - sigh. Nothing like a picnic for 30 indoors!

So sorry to hear it rained.  Bummer.  I think I would have gladly traded with you.  It was 102 here yesterday; for southwest Washington, that is very hot.  We are back down to 92 today.  I hope that even though it had to be inside that it was still a fun time for all. :-)

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