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My Ginger girl, the first baby born here, had a horrible tragedy with her first litter in March of 2016 and both were lost. I did milk her; her first month's milk went to help a rejected kid elsewhere.
I was heartbroken because I believe she would have been my best mother and that is saying a lot with these girls.  She can never have kids again because of the issues she had.  She has always been super with all the kids, even letting them nurse from her though their moms didn't care for it.
I did milk her; she is still giving me a pint a day with a once a day milking.  I am drying up her younger sister who kidded a month after she did since I want to take her to the breeders and leave her there for two cycles.
Last year, when I had her to the vet, he said that I could dry her up and then get her back into milk but it would be very expensive.  At the time, I didn't pursue the subject.  Does anyone know if a doe, once dried up, can be forced into milk again? I would love to give her a well-deserved rest but really want to have her delicious milk later.  Without being pregnant again, is there a way?

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i don' know unless the vet was going to give her hormone shots or something. i have read that some have kept a doe in milk multiple years. just maybe, if she wanted kids so much that she let others nurse, she might come into milk when kids start being born again on the farm.

I need to call him and ask what he meant, James.  She has been in milk since March of 2016, so 2-1/2 years.  Supply is, of course, going down now.  I just read of one being in milk for five years and actually recently increasing her milk after reducing for a while.  Ginger is my first born here so I want to keep her milking.  It's already heartbreaking (for her and me!) that she will never be able to have kids again.
I'm quite certain, with her production the last few weeks, she is on her way to drying up before more kids will be born which, if the other two settled, will be the first of February and the first of March.

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