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Hello All:

Recently, I've noticed several bald patches on my buck. Initially, I thought it to be mites (and it still could be), but in reading some of the threads here, it may be a zinc deficiency from too much alfalfa. I am treating the bald patches with Nu-Stock, but would also like to hear what can be done for a possible zinc deficiency? Grass hay is hard to come by around here, but I plan to ask around.

He has free choice Sweetlix Meat Maker loose mineral at all times.

Recently, I gave him a copper bolus (we are copper deficient here).

He also gets a 1/2 c. of Timothy Alfalfa pellets/BOSS mix every evening. 

Everything about him (with exception to the bald patches) is normal.


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My bucks have only had a problem with zinc deficiency in the middle of winter when they are getting alfalfa. Once we get them back on pasture in the spring, it corrects itself. A few years ago we started feeding them Timothy pellets in winter along with a little alfalfa for the long fiber to keep their rumens working well. The first time we noticed the zinc deficiency, they were getting those bald patches in January when it was below zero. Now they don't usually get them until about March. If you just switch to the Timothy pellets, that would probably help.

They do make zinc supplements, such as ZinPro or TruCare4 with zinc. Be sure to get the TruCare with zinc. They make a few different ones.

Thanks for the reply Deborah :) 

Not sure if you know much about ZinPro and/or TruCare4... ZinPro is pretty much zinc only, while TruCare4 is a mix of a few trace minerals.

I can get a 2 lb. bag of TruCare at a reasonable price, but looks like ZinPro comes only in a 50 lb. bag. Add the fact that ZinPro would cost nearly $50 to ship alone, and not only is it well over $100, but I'd have enough of it to last a century. However, it looks to have quite a bit more zinc than TruCare. Hmmm. Any advice? Do you think both will do the trick? 

Where are the bald patches? Bald on the head or bald here and there on the body?

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