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Hi everyone---I have a question about my 4 year old doe, Memilly.   I purchased her in April...she kidded in mid-May (triplet bucklings).  She had a BoSe injection in April, about a month prior to kidding. 

All the rest of  the goats (bucks and does)  have been getting the Selenium/Vit. E gel, with good success.  (We COWP/Selenium gel them all monthly due to our really hard water.)

My question is:  How long is a BoSe injection good for/how long does it last (in a goat's system), and how soon should I be giving her the Selenium/Vit.E gel?

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Emily, could you take a better picture of the label? I'm trying to get someone to order it for me from Fertrell. I can't read the whole title of it in the pic posted. 

Absolutely! That was a picture the feed store sent me before I ordered it. For the first two days the girls went crazy over it and now it's the same as the sweetlix and kelp, they nibble at it here and there but they seem to be very satisfied with it. 
The original price I posted was incorrect, I think I was looking at a different product on the list. I ended up paying $36 for a 50# bag, which is still very reasonable I think. Very, very pleased so far. 

Julia @Woody Glen Farm said:

I'm having trouble finding this brand in my area! The one I got for mine has much less selenium and they have almost gone through 5 lbs in ONE WEEK!! 

Thank you so much!!

I did get a dealer to order this Fertrell E/Selenium for me but it costs $50 for #50. Still a lot better than the stuff I was ordering on Amazon which they WOLF down eating #5 per week and costing $6 per pound! Hoping they will slow down on the new one since it has much more selenium in it. 

Julia @Woody Glen Farm said:

Thank you so much!!

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