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Anyone out there have a favorite fan for under $300? Looking for recommendations. We have a pretty tiny barn (8x12) for only 3 goats. Half of one side of the barn is open all the time, but it gets very stuffy nonetheless.


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I would just get one that you can mount on a wall or otherwise place it so that the goats can't get to it. If they reach it or the cord, they will mess with it. We just use cheap fans from discount stores. 

For sure--I have lost two appliances even though I tacked the cords to the studs where they meet the roof. As the bedding deepens, the goats are able to reach more. I really wish I'd known to make the structure just a little taller.

I was thinking of cutting a hole in another side of the barn and mounting a box type fan between studs, to maximize venting.

Since we have a converted horse barn, I never thought about the importance of having a high ceiling with goats. Ours is overkill, but I can see where you might not make it tall enough if you were building it for goats.

If you are somewhat handy or know someone who is, you could put in a window and secure a box fan in there. Then in winter, you can close it. Plus it gives them more light. Feels like there is never enough light in a barn.

I think that's the direction I'll go! "Somewhat" is the key word with "handy" there--it won't be pretty, but I can do it.

Good luck! I know I'm lucky that my husband can do just about anything I ask him to do, as long as it doesn't require any kind of expensive equipment. 

It is such a gift to have a willing second partner!

The dynamic between me and my husband is: I try doing it myself, and then about 50% of the time, I ask him what I'm doing wrong. He then usually is happy to make the necessary fixes! :)

That works too!

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