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I"m a first time goat owner.  My doe delivered two babies yesterday and they are up and wagging their tails this morning.  I am not finding any evidence of horns.  Does that mean they are polled?  If not polled when will the horns become noticeable?  I am wanting to have them disbudded.  I read that disbudding should take place very early.

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Congratulations on your new kids!

Have you felt their heads? If they are going to have horns, you should be able to feel and see a difference every day. They grow fast, and feel pointier than their polled counterparts' bumps.

Buckling horns will grow faster than doelings'. We've been successful doing disbudding after a week.

Good luck!

Is one of the parents polled? You must have a polled parent to have a polled kid.

Thanks.  I wasn't sure if the mother was polled.  The horn buds appeared in a few days.  The vet disbudded both babies yesterday.

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