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My two Nigerians (one wether and one doe) are about a year old and I am giving a small handful of noble goat (6 oz tea cup- 1/2 (3 oz) to each am and pm) and they get about a big handful each am and pm of alfalfa.They love the noble goat and eat the alfalfa but leave most of the alfalfa behind. They browse the rest of the day.

I'm not sure what to do in winter, but is my feeding them correct so far? Any suggestions. I need help.

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Thanks Margaret, I did post some pics of them on here and so far so good is the concensus  :-)  You're funny..  OH, I feed them in the am and pm and recently put left over hay and alfalfa in a barrel that's cut in half that they can eat from if they want, they won't get fat on that will they? It is pretty full, Should I not have it out?

Don't worry. As I said just keep an eye on them and if they start to look to fat cut them back a little at a time til they get how you think they should look. And yes, they do seem to look fine right now.

Thanks, I think, for saying I am funny, I take it as a compliment. I don't try to be, it is natural, I am just an ol' country girl-or redneck, you might say. I remember having a you might be a redneck if...shirt, and most of the stuff on it (list of like 20 things) actually applied to me. What sticks in my mind the most was You might be a redneck if ...your porch were to collapse it would kill at least 6 dogs... implying that rednecks have a bunch of dogs hanging around the yard. That has always been the case with me.

I actually write with much better English than I speak with because I do use a lot of contractions, when I talk. That is why I also write some of my contractions. Like don't instead of do not. But I don't care who says ain't, ain't a word. It is is too! I know it is and I ain't gonna argue that point with nobody! 

You just watch them babies close momma and don't worry so much, they gone be just fine, they got a good momma that obviously loves them!

lot of contractions like "Y'all"  hehehehe, of course it's a compliment  :-)    Oh yeah, that comedian "you might be a redneck if........"  funny stuff...  my favorite comedian is Larry the cable guy---always in stitches laughing with him.    I was out again redoing their pen (always want to make sure things are good and ready for winter a coming..) and of course she comes and lays next to me so I can't work and he squeezes in between to be the one close to me...he is definitely a butthead  :-)   I wonder if there are any pictures of FAT goats to compare..?

I think I mostly worry about that (Urinary Calculi) with him

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