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We've discussed my question is-at what age should you start using a buck for breeding? Obviously, they can breed quite young. But I would assume that no one really intentionally uses a 12 week old buckling for breeding. So what is the common, realistic age to start putting a buck with a doe? Is there a timespan where the buck wants to, yet is not successful? What do you do if your doe doesn't like the buck you have chosen for her? Does this happen much?



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It really varies from buck to buck. Some lines mature earlier or later than others. I bought a couple of bucks one year, hoping to use them a lot that fall, and they couldn't get it figured out until they were six or seven months old. It was very frustrating for me (maybe for the bucks, too) because I really didn't think they had been successful, but I didn't want to put the doe with another buck just in case they had done something when I blinked. Turned out all the does cycled again three weeks later, so we had a lot of late kiddings that year. This past year I used a six month old buck, and he was absolutely quite successful at breeding the doe, but she came back into heat three weeks later. A month later I used him on three does and all settled. I'm sure Murphy's Law applies here -- in my case, a six-month-old had trouble, but if you don't want a buck to breed, they probably could do it at three months. :)

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