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Our doe just kidded-QUINTS!-and had an extremely difficult delivery.  Two bucks came out at the same time, one backward, one forward and she pushed both of their heads through together.  We got them out (died) and two doelings (alive!) along with another buck after (also alive).  Now she has let her kids nurse, has eaten some, had some water but is passing a HUGE afterbirth.  And when she makes noise (like nickering to her kids) a bit of blood comes out each time.  It's not a pool, but it is disconcerting.  We are totally not experienced and this has been a very trying day. Please let us know if we should be worried about her passing the afterbirth or if there might be something else going on.

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Nothing you said about the placenta sounds abnormal. A goat afterbirth is probably a foot wide if you hold it up. It's a couple feet long including all the membranes and umbilical cords.
Sorry you lost two. I once had a goat try to give birth to two kids at the same time. I held back one with my fingers while she pushed out one. It never occurred to me that a goat might be able to give birth to two, but it sounds like it probably wasn't the best thing anyway. Congratulations on the three that are alive! We had our first quints this year also, and one was born dead.
Thanks Deborah.  Yep, a foot wide by a couple long.  The vet checked her over and the  blood loss was normal with the traumatic birthing.  Everyone is now doing well and Mama Doe got some pain killers in the bargain.
Glad to hear she's doing well.
sigh, I am still waiting, hopefully my experience will be better. -(  Kudos to Mama and you guys, sounds like everyone was a real trooper.

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