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Question: 8 days ago my buck broke out of his pen and I saw him grazing with my girls. I didn't see him breed with them but started freaking out... 2 of my 5 does I planned on breeding him with so I wasn't upset about that however my 6 1/2 month old kids (which happen to be his kids) were out there. I called the vet and got lute. and planned on giving on the 10th after the incident. I do know about 12 days before this I noticed atleast one of the kids were in heat and the other 2 about 17-18 days and I started documenting their heat cycles. Today which is 8 days after the possible accidental breeding and 21 days after the 1st heat cycle I saw the girls have 2 of them were in heat/standing heat. Do I still need to give the 2 I saw in heat today the lute? I'm new to this as in almost 3 years never had this happen. Thank you for any information. I must add that the day this happened I got weights on the younger does  they were 47lbs,51lbs, and 37lbs.

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That would be a question for your vet. He or she should be happy to answer that question over the phone.

Does don't usually come into heat when they're pregnant, but it can happen. I've only had two does continue to come into heat after they were actually bred, so it's not very common. 

As Deborah said, your vet is the best one to ask.  With that said, what I just went through - the not-known-when-due kids born today - I would lute them all.  When my boys got into the pen with the girls, I saw them within half an hour and the does were having nothing to do with them with all of them running away.  Also, I observed no signs of heat from any of the girls.  Today, my youngest doe, who I would not have bred until the next month or two, had twins today.  Worse, if I had not had pregnancy tests done when I did the annual biosecurity tests in August, I would not have know she was pregnant! I added the pregnancy test on as an afterthought, confident no one was pregnant.
(And mine is also a breeding that would never have been done.  Dad is either her brother or her first cousin who is a cryptorchid.  Luckily, I have a dear friend who wants pets only who said she will take them so I need never be concerned about the babies being bred.)

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