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Just being curious here - do goats have a strong sense of smell?  I started to wonder because I have been offering them different grasses from around my homestead to see which they like and I notice that they reject some of them even before taking a bite.  They seem to smell them first to ascertain if they will eat them or not. 

Any thoughts?


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Yes their excellent sense of smell will tell them if food is fresh or not. If there is a hint of poo on there, they won't touch it. If it is not fresh enough they won't be interested. If you smell the hay and it smells yummy like hay should, you'll find they will eat it, but if it has no odor and is too dry they will probably not. My goats can smell a bear in the woods that is 1/4 a mile away. I know because my neighbor texts me if there is one in her yard and meanwhile mine are freaking out. 

Our goats can smell each other's saliva on hay or other food (even on treats such as carrots, etc.) and if another goat has been eating first, it is completely spoiled and 'inedible'.

These comments are so interesting and fascinating!!  Thank you for your fun insights, my daughter and I are wowed!

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