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It's pretty sweet when I can bring goats into my business homework. I couldn't think of what I could do for this assignment, so I said to David, " IF I were going to start a business, what would i do." He said, " I don't know, something with goats I guess." SO...DING!! The light goes on....

I'm working on an essay For my Advanced Entrepreneurship class about starting a goat dairy. After Christmas I will have to actually develop a detailed business plan for the imaginary goat get imaginary funding from an imaginary venture capitalist firm. Does anyone have any good resource recommendations for developing such a business plan?

Who knows, maybe when I win the lottery I could enact said business plan and credit you all for my

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We actually did start up a farmstead goat cheese business this year (well, the planning took a couple of years, but we went into business this year). We did, however, have to figure out the business plan info on our own, I didn't find anything that really had it set out for me. 

This link does have some information that you might be able to pick and choose some useful bits out of, although the actual numbers might need to be revised.

Another good resource is "The Farmstead Creamery: The Complete Guide to Building and Running a Small, Farm-Based Cheese Business" by Gianaclis Caldwell.

I also recommend Gianaclis' (pronounced Gee on uh clees) book. I have not read it, but I have met her, and I know her ideas and information would be amazingly valuable in starting a creamery business. She is well educated when it comes to Nigerians and the dairy goat world.

Thank you ladies!

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