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As I've shared on here before, I've had a heck of a time getting my doe Juniper pregnant. She's had two "successful" breedings and didn't take either time. In December I decided to just let her spend a week with the buck when she was due to be in heat. When I took her home, I figured she'd be back in heat in at her usual time. She didn't, but since she's a seasonal breeder, I thought that might be because she was done cycling for the year. 

She has seemed "different" ever since, going off feed for a little bit and becoming even more affectionate. I still didn't let myself believe she was pregnant though. The past month her right side has been getting bigger, she looks a bit lopsided and her vulva has been large and puffy. Still not trusting those signs though.

However, today I noticed her teats poking out from her still long belly hair. I slipped my hand under her and lo and behold, there's udder development! It was quite round actually, it filled my palm. I 'bout fell over when I felt that!  I think I can safely say she is pregnant and due the third week in May. I'm over the moon about it.

So my theory that she wasn't ovulating till the end of her heat cycle must have been right. I guess the other times I was taking her to the buck too soon, in spite of her standing for him and butt-tucking. He might not have had very long-lasting sperm either. I may just have to keep a buck in order for her to get pregnant again in the future so she can breed throughout her heat cycle. Live and learn!

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Tentative congratulations!  (I say tentative until you have the blood test confirmation or babies in the pen.)

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