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Urinary calculi in 3.5 month wether

A coworker got her first goat about 4.5 months ago when he was a day or two old (already disbudded and banded). She got the second one, who…

Started by Jess Johnson

2 yesterday
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Causes of Goat Polio

My neighbor has 2 does that are 2 years old (I have the Dam and Sire).  One of them came down with polio.  She acted fast and the vet start…

Started by Judy H

7 on Wednesday
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle


Can anyone tell me the best thing for fleas on goats? My boy was scratching and I found a few on him. I looked it up, but have read many di…

Started by Haley

1 Jul 13
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Long-dry doe (non-PG) suddenly has an udder....should I be concerned?

One of my does, dry since August of 2016, has now developed something of an udder. She has had only one set of kids, born in 2015. I sent t…

Started by Janet Dowell

2 Jul 7
Reply by Janet Dowell

So...I lost a perfectly healthy seeming doe today...

I'm absolutely stunned...I had what seemed to be a perfectly healthy doe at 5:00.  At 5:30 she was dead.  What the heck?????? Here's the st…

Started by Patty Meyer

7 Jul 3
Reply by Patty Meyer

Bottle Neck?

As a first time goat owner, I have come to the conclusion that I should have bought older does, not 3 day old bottle babies!  My boys had a…

Started by Cynthia Koscinch

5 Jun 8
Reply by Cynthia Koscinch

Anemic first freshener and an unsuccessful vet visit

I am worried about my little goat. I am feeding her rolled oats, alfalfa pellets + timothy pellets, supplemented with MannaPro Goat Balance…

Started by Meghan DeGroot

15 May 30
Reply by Patty Meyer

Liming the pasture/wethers question

So I have limed all the rest of the property except the goat pastures.  I am trying to find information on if putting lime on the pastures…

Started by WoodsEdge

9 May 21
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Free-Choice Selenium Bucket

I've read several posts/threads about a selenium bucket, and Deborah even provided a link to it from Caprine Supply. However, most of those…

Started by Jabe Thomas

2 May 7
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Copper Deficiency: Worth It to Get a Filter for the Well?

Hi Folks, We have started seeing signs of copper and zinc deficiency in our tiny herd of 3 does. We've only lived on our new farm property…

Started by Old Haunt Farm

5 May 5
Reply by Julia @Woody Glen Farm


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