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Urinary calculi in 3.5 month wether

A coworker got her first goat about 4.5 months ago when he was a day or two old (already disbudded and banded). She got the second one, who…

Started by Jess Johnson

4 Sep 7
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

??Using meloxicam for pain???

So I am fixing to band my boys.....pain???? I have Meloxicam left over from dogs. Does anyone know about how much I can give my 20 lbs NG's…

Started by Crystal Parker

2 Aug 27
Reply by Crystal Parker

Pink eye

A month and a half ago, one of my does had an infection in one eye. I treated it by squirting some LA200 in the affected eye twice a day fo…

Started by Jess Johnson

2 Aug 18
Reply by Jess Johnson

Doe dropping to the ground (seizure?) when stressed.

Hi there, First of all, thank you to Deborah and all the members here for your valuable discussions and information. This site is incredibl…

Started by Joe Phillips

4 Aug 16
Reply by Joe Phillips

Mastitis Questions

Hi all, My best milking doe came down with a case of mastitis.  Last Friday, I should have detected it because her production on the infect…

Started by Patty Meyer

9 Aug 15
Reply by Patty Meyer


Can anyone tell me the best thing for fleas on goats? My boy was scratching and I found a few on him. I looked it up, but have read many di…

Started by Haley

2 Aug 12
Reply by Patty Meyer

Causes of Goat Polio

My neighbor has 2 does that are 2 years old (I have the Dam and Sire).  One of them came down with polio.  She acted fast and the vet start…

Started by Judy H

9 Jul 23
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Long-dry doe (non-PG) suddenly has an udder....should I be concerned?

One of my does, dry since August of 2016, has now developed something of an udder. She has had only one set of kids, born in 2015. I sent t…

Started by Janet Dowell

2 Jul 7
Reply by Janet Dowell

So...I lost a perfectly healthy seeming doe today...

I'm absolutely stunned...I had what seemed to be a perfectly healthy doe at 5:00.  At 5:30 she was dead.  What the heck?????? Here's the st…

Started by Patty Meyer

7 Jul 3
Reply by Patty Meyer

Bottle Neck?

As a first time goat owner, I have come to the conclusion that I should have bought older does, not 3 day old bottle babies!  My boys had a…

Started by Cynthia Koscinch

5 Jun 8
Reply by Cynthia Koscinch


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