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Milk Production Expectations

I am looking into purchasing a ND doe and I am primarily interested in milk production capabilities and this would be the foundational doe…

Started by Theresa BLatest Reply

My Goat Kit

First of all, let me say. I don't like surprises. So I've been reading and learning and talking and learning and learning and learning abou…

Started by Rachel Whetzel at MigMog AcresLatest Reply

Movable Pens

Recently I've been asked a LOT about my movable pens, so I thought I'd start a discussion forum about this and help explain better, that wa…

Started by Elyse NicholsonLatest Reply

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Water set up for two goats?

One of the things we really have to nail down in the next couple weeks is water for our goats. Problem is, no one has been able to tell me…

Started by Tanya Elrick

3 May 15
Reply by Tanya Elrick

Feeding horse feed

Does anyone here feed horse pellets instead of goat? I have been struggling with copper antagonists here like crazy and was getting very fr…

Started by Emily

17 May 13
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

How do you know your feeding your goat enough

Hello...I’m new to the group and also a new Nigerian dwarf goat owner...we have 2 weathers and are going to get 2 more in about a month...I…

Started by Shelly Miranda

2 May 9
Reply by Shelly Miranda


Banding vs. burdizzo. Which is best? what are the pros and cons? At what age should they be used?

Started by Maggie

19 May 6
Reply by Emily

Bottle feeding

I have a kid born yesterday and nursed. His mama isn't well today, so I'm trying to bottle feed this guy. He refuses! Help! Please and than…

Started by Robin Arthun

4 May 6
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

bottle feeding the best milk

Hi  What is the best milk replacer for bottle fed doelings, I got a recipe from another blog of 2 cups whole milk, 1 cup buttermilk and 1 c…

Started by Leslie A Barstow

1 Apr 25
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Newbie -extra new newbie

Hi  I just joined and I have three beautiful doelings, I need to register them....but do I need to have homestead name first and which asso…

Started by Leslie A Barstow

2 Apr 18
Reply by Leslie A Barstow

goat shedding

Hey all, I am incredibly thankful for this website/ forum since yall have nigerian dwarf goats as well. I have had my goats coming up on th…

Started by Kelsey A Klapperick

2 Apr 6
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Burdizzo fail

Two months ago, I castrated an 11 month old with a burdizzo (emasculator from Jeffers), and only one side took. This definitely could have…

Started by Jess Johnson

9 Mar 26
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Measurements for cut out door

I want to cut out an area in the barn so the goats can out out to a fenced in chain link pen area if they need to (they free range during t…

Started by Trish

0 Mar 26


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